“Maybe you need to know darkness before you can appreciate the light”

These images are brought to you today by the Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum in Arizona. We spent (what felt like the longest) a few minutes in darkness waiting for these lightbulbs to start dancing. If they were to be continuously lit, their illumination wouldn’t have been as appreciated.

The same goes with life. The quote “it always seems impossible until it is done” powered me through college. Each endless paper, ridiculous test, salty group project… seemed silly at the time. But helped build my education. 

I chose to enroll in the optional honors program during college. It involved 30 units of honors-contracted work (few more tests, few more papers) as well as a thesis statement. Mine ended up being 56 pages.

That paper gave me the opportunity to present my research at a conference in Seattle – my first time in the beautiful state of Washington. That opportunity connected me with faculty who encouraged me to publish my findings. That long and hard process filled with doubts and too many edits made me want to quit a dozen times. But I wanted my paper, which promotes breastfeeding in babies with cleft lip and/or palate, to help others in developing countries without the same resources we have.

Long story short, finally published. A plastic surgeon in Peru contacted me and asked permission to share it with her staff. Today I learned it was the second most read article in 2016 in that research journal. Crazy! I definitely appreciate all of these blessings and explicitly remember each obstacle I faced that made me want to quit.

Perservance is sweet. 

And so are these helados we got from the local Sam’s Club. 😋

Cheers! Nicole


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