Why do you work out?

I walk to get my mind off other things.

I climb things for the photo ops.

I do yoga to stretch my muscles and impress myself with my flexibility.

I lift weights so I only need to make one trip from the car trunk to the house. 

(Ps- this stuff is crack)

I do it because I am blessed to have the opportunity to work out as a form of leisure. And to avoid the consequences that come with not taking care of your body. Believe me, I’m no track star and get winded after two minutes of running… that’s why it’s important to find an activity that you love. πŸ™πŸ» yet also important to respect your body and not force yourself to workout when you’re tired. I work 12 hr shifts and once tried to work out after work day 1 – I was so tired that I was mentally shot on work day 2. The work day itself was a workout enough…

Enjoy the gorgeous fall weather. Living in Phoenix, I know I will. πŸ‘Œ

Cheers! Nicole 


2 thoughts on “Why do you work out?”

  1. Haha the picture of you with all your groceries made me laugh! So my life too.
    I work out because it makes me feel strong and confident, while also clearing my mind and giving me a reset. And I agree, we are LUCKY to have the opportunity to care for our bodies in this way. Absolutely something I need to remember when I’m feeling less than motivated!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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    1. Feeling strong and confident are awesome motivators for working out! I personally prefer working out first thing in the morning. I haven’t lately for various reasons (or are they excuses πŸ€”), but before when I jumped out of bed and headed straight to the gym for an hour of intensive sweating, I felt so much more energized and my day felt smoother. Keep up the great work!


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