One fantastic thing about moving from the East coast to the West coast (ten years ago) was discovering In-N-Out 🤤

I’m sorry to my In-N-Out cashier, but my go-to isn’t so simple… hamburger protein style no sauce with grilled onions and extra veggies, please 🙏🏻 there’s meat somewhere in that lettuce.

My fiancée loves his double double cheeseburger (two burger patties and two cheese slices). 

At my last In-N-Out visit (like a week ago 😊), it was filled with high schoolers because it’s fall break. Lots of football players. One group had ordered 2-3 cheeseburgers each, plus cheesy fries… whoo whee never have I seen that before.

… In other news, you can buy your favorite puppy an orthopedic pet bed. I don’t even have one myself, man.

Cheers! Nicole


2 thoughts on “Mmmmeat”

  1. Even though we’re plant based now, I STILL drool over pictures of burgers and think they smell insanely delicious. Is that weird?! I think that’s one of the only things I miss from my meat eating days. It looks SO GOOD. Maybe one day I’ll have to try In and Out. JUST once ;).

    Susie |

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