Body’s Natural Tendencies

My childhood diet consisted of plenty of ice cream, hot pockets, fruity pebbles, fried egg rolls, frozen pizzas, canned soup with pretzels, slushies, and cookies.

As a kid, I always thought I was big. “Big boned,” my family said. I thought that was just a comforting lie. My weight’s yo-yo’ed over the years for different reasons, and right now I’m higher than I’d like to be. But it feels like my body’s “happy” weight – light activity and not going hungry. 

My journey will be a story to be shared on a future post. But my point is, how do you fight your body’s natural tendencies? When you want processed carbs and sugar-filled cereals, even if you know they’ll make you feel crummy and hurt your health in the long run? When you choose the salad

Even if you just really want alllll the fries

Does choosing the salad over the fries create feelings of deprivation? Strengthen your will power? I’d like to say the latter, but I’m always feeling the former… and that’s no fun. 😒

What’s your outlook? Do you fight your body from being at its “happy” weight? Does it feel exhausting? Because I sure feel exhausted…

Cheers! Nicole


10 thoughts on “Body’s Natural Tendencies”

    1. I’ve heard of the abstainer vs moderator theory before. This is a great reminder and I appreciate the link you provided. 🙂 thanks for taking the time to share this!


    1. You can sympathize with me about this 100 degree weather in October 🙂 that’s definitely a valid point. It’s been a few years now but it does get easier. Thanks for the comment!

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  1. Yes, I often got the classic, you’re just big boned’ Wendy (especially since I am taller than average). Even when I was significantly lower in weight than I am now (don’t get me started), I still viewed myself as big boned. I have a hard time with moderation – either I’m on the straight and narrow or I’m just not. Hard to find the balance at times.

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