Curiosity made a friend

I tend to post about flashbacks after my work days… when doing 12 hours of patient care, there isn’t really much else to write about 😝

Last December, I was on a flight back home from San Francisco. Although I was traveling with my boyfriend, we were in separate rows because of booking issues. I ended up sitting next to a sweet old man (maybe 70s?), who was doing a crossword puzzle. Curious, I asked if I could help him. By the end of the flight, he let me keep our little collaborative effort. 

I learned he grew up on a small farm. He used to fly planes. He loved to golf. Just travelled to Hawaii with family. He was a retired priest. I learned a lot about each answer he provided on our crossword, given our generational difference. Each answer had a story behind. He knew the old pop culture stuff, and I answered 1 across 😁 

I have a job that doesn’t allow me to spend the time I want to get to know people. It’s fast paced and sometimes feels rushed. I really appreciated talking to this pleasant man about his life story while working on this little game. Sometimes it’s worth being nosey. 

Cheers! Nicole 


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