As I recover, here’s a look at my eats from a recent Florida family trip

I realize that I had started this blog with the intention of talking about yummy eats, cool trips, etc but I have been been focusing more on the ‘etc.’

As I sit at home nursing the achey incisions in my belly….

Here’s some pictures from a recent family trip to Florida!

We had leftovers in our fridge so we decided to bring them instead of buying pricey/oily airport food.

One of our first stops was a Sam’s Club (which is similar to Costco) for groceries. We were going to be there for almost two weeks and needed to stock up on some fresh healthy food.

Check out this dump cake. Holy sugar balls.

One of several dinners… (We like to eat our meat (and fish) straight off the bone with our hands πŸ™‚

…and one of several breakfasts. One of my favorite vacation traditions is sitting on the outside porch with my dad as he drinks coffee and I eat breakfast in the early morning, before my mom or brother wake up.


We met up with some of my mom’s college classmates at a place called Ms. Apple’s Crabshack. Such a fun place. I definitely recommend it if you’re near the Merritt Island area!

Aftermath of 8+ people.

One of my favorite meals of the trip was this Dominican plantain lasagna at Tu Casa in Orlanda. YUM!

So good that I begged for us to go again.

We checked out this Brazilian buffet that was swamped with dozens (maybe a hundred?) of young pink-clad Latina girls. We learned that instead of quinceneras, some girls in Latin America chose to go on a trip with other 15-year-old girls.

We also checked out this cute breakfast buffet at a place near The Villages, which is HUGE 55+ retirement community in Florida.

Ah, to go on another family trip… Cherish them while you can.

Cheers! Nicole


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