Flashback to Epcot 2016

When we visited Florida last year, we got the opportunity to check out Epcot. We’ve visited Disney World a couple of times when we lived in the East Coast, but never Epcot. What an experience!

I found an umbrella to match my hair. After seeing a lot of international students using umbrellas to protect their skin against the rough AZ sun, I’ve picked up on that trend.

Also found a toy to match with. These side buns sure are popular.

Florida in August may be even worse than AZ in August — the humidity is no joke….

This was geared more toward the little kids, but I thoroughly loved going to the different “countries” of Epcot and getting a marker-scribbled signature from a Disney staff person. Japan, Morocco, and China were probably my top three favorites. The European countries felt pretty similar (ie German, Finland, France).

My younger brother loved looking at the Gandams (Japanese robots you can buy in a box and assemble them together. This stuff has a HUGE following).

And my mom loved these lucky cats.

My little brother isn’t so little anymore.

My hair unraveled at the end of that long, long day. 

Grateful for these family trips.

Cheers! Nicole


7 thoughts on “Flashback to Epcot 2016”

  1. I’m a Disneyland FREAK, it’s literally the happiest place on Earth to me haha. I really want to get to Epcot! I think it’d be so fun to do a bachelorette party there too. And your hair is too cute and so perfect for a Disney trip!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com


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