Sunday Ramblings

I think I’m due for my annual hair chop soon. My baby hairs always grow out bangs – I haven’t specifically asked for side bangs since like 8th grade.

Visited my little cousins’ place yesterday. Their parents bought them two rabbits who have a cage, but are free to roam around the playroom. I’d be afraid to step on their poop pebbles or something… I’ve heard stories of bunnies chewing thru furniture.

We stopped by a Korean grocery store yesterday and bought Kim bap. It’s korea’s version is sushi and traditionally filled with pickled vegetables, scrambled eggs, and fish cake or beef. Soo delicious 🙏🏻 and a bargain too. I really wished I lived closer to this place…

Hope that your Sunday was well spent so you can have a week of content. 😁

Cheers! Nicole


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