How do you satisfy your hunger?

I’m having one of those days where I want to eat everything. I’ve already tried going for the healthy high-volume options (plus some chicken and salmon)… lotsa broccoli slaw, other veggies, water, lotsa milky-splashed tea… what’s a girl to do? TMI but TBH I’m tired of peeing.

How do you satisfy your hunger? 

Cheers! Nicole


7 thoughts on “How do you satisfy your hunger?”

  1. I always try to take a moment to see if I am craving something or just hungry. If I am just hungry I try to have a protein/fat combo, which I find to be more satiating. If I am craving something, I will try to have a small amount of that. I find if I really want something and try to avoid it, I eat more and still want the chocolate/fries/whatever.

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    1. That’s great advice! I can plow through bags of popcorn and cereal. Honoring cravings is important, but I try to convince myself otherwise… and often eat too many things. Thanks for the thought and hope you have a great day!

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