Korea/Japan Goodies 

My fiancé just returned back from a two week family trip to Japan and Korea… and he brought back some goodies. 😁 although the best goody is that he’s back!!

This is some fancy cakes called Baum kuchen. It’s a German layered sponge cake baked on a spit. There’s a YouTube video showing how it’s made, pretttty fancy! They gradually add each layer as the cake spins in the oven.

Korean cosmetic packaging is so pretty. This face cream even came with a little spatula.

A panda headband for washing my face, a cute little chicken figurine, mango face wash, a couples ornament, and a tub of vanilla cream… which my mom calls “that naughty Pokémon” 😝

Lotsa sheet masks, including a lippy mask! One says it’s made of snail extract. That’s going to be interesting. 

How cute is this “prescription.”

Cheers! Nicole

14 thoughts on “Korea/Japan Goodies ”

  1. I love that Meowth (I think that’s his name?) is on your lotion! He’s such a cute but naughty Pokemon haha. Those face masks look awesome. I’d be interested in trying all of them!

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  2. I so very much love and adore Asian bakery snacks! That panda headband is super cute too–I have a cat one! 😛 I’d love to go to Korea/Japan someday and check out their skincare products! *-* Your fiance is awesome!!

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  3. That’s so cool! All of those things look so delicious and interesting! Even though I’m German I’ve only had Baumkuchen once, and it was some prepackaged one that was made in the US (which I feel like doesn’t really count). I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it when I go in the summer though! 🙂

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  4. Love to see a review of that Korean face cream. 🙂 I bought also some Korean masks and cosmetics along with me, I am regretting because I only bought a few..

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