I tried being a pumpkin for Halloween… and greeted all two groups of kids that stopped by the house. I expected more considering it’s a newer neighborhood with lots of families, but maybe we need to actually decorate? We did turn on the porch light though. 🙂 I was taught if the porch light’s on, it’s fair game!

The other day, my mom and I had a date at RA sushi. I had the tuna salad (ahi tuna… I cannot tolerate the smell of the mayo’ed tuna 🙂 and my mum had a beef bento.

Also found these super soft hooded throws at SAM’s club. Fortunately, the AZ temp is cooling down some. 

What’s your favorite thing to get at sushi places? I lovee eel 🙌🏻

Cheers! Nicole


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    1. Mmm those are good too! Nice and simple 🙂 do you use liquid Aminos or gluten free soy sauce? I didn’t realize there was gluten free oyster sauce until I started to go more gluten free myself. Thanks for the thought and have a great day!

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