Feast Vox Box 

I recently joined Influenster and was sent their Feast Vox Box. It’s helping me get into the Thanksgiving mindset!

My younger brother will be happy to see these: 

My family only uses fried onions to top off green been casseroles, which my mom has made once in my life. This looks like it has a great kick to it!

Perfect for making my mom’s chicken corn soup. 😁

A coupon for butter and a couple of tea bags. I go through 2-5 cups of black or herbal tea a day and am looking forward to trying the ginger peach variety!

They included a nice recipe card for using the butter. Mmmm gingersnap crust… sounds perfect to pair up with that tea. 

Another recipe card for the jalepeno fried onions. That pretzel dog recipe is pretty creative!

Chocolate and almond sounds so good. I love Teavana’s chocolate chai so I bet this is a winner. 

I’m a graduate student who’s been taking it easy the last few months after a mid-program crisis. I’m going to be carrying out my thesis project next month and am very nervous about it. Also, next year will be all clinical rotations and I really need to brush up on my information. I’m hoping today will be a productive day of studying. Wish me luck 😁

Cheers! Nicole

Note: Influenster provided these items at no cost to me. All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Feast Vox Box ”

  1. Good luck with the studying!! I really miss being in school…teaching isn’t the same!
    I love corn in soup – corn chowder is so good and soup is perfect for this chilly weather right now. I love using gingersnaps as a pie crust!

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