Coupon High

When I was in high school, I loved to coupon. Like, seriously coupon. Shopping at CVS all the time with my coupons led me to my first job as a store cashier after befriending the manager, who I would ask to specially order stock to accommodate my couponing needs. I think one of my best hauls was $5 for like $150 worth of stuff at the grocery store. I stopped couponing because I went to college and the deals weren’t as good anymore. However, I do miss the thrill of it.

Since my dad was off work today, we went around the grocery stores stocking up on 99 cent flour (which he thought we were getting flowers), sugar, and bottled waters. 77 cent a lb chicken legs will become my mom’s delicious vinegar soaked crispy drumsticks. Yum!

One of the stores had Tazo Chai pumpkin spiced lattes on clearance for $1. At the tea aisle, I found $2/2 coupons for any Tazo Chai products. They also had $1.50/20 Tazo tea bags and $1.00/20 celestial tea bags. 

Allll of this was $1.50 plus tax. I miss these couponing highs.

The PSL (pumpkin spiced latte) is pretty high in sugar though – 20g/0.5 cup. I plan on sending these to my parents’ work so their coworkers can celebrate the season as well.

Do you coupon? What’s one of your most memorable deals? 

Cheers! Nicole


7 thoughts on “Coupon High”

  1. Oh my gosh I’m OBSESSED with couponing! Ben makes fun of me for it, but he doesn’t complain when we save tons of money! And now that practically every store we shop at has an app, it makes it even easier to clip and use them. We find great coupons for Sprouts all the time! I especially love when we get FREE items! Yay coupons!

    Susie |

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