Bruno Mars concert!!

​​​This weekend was amazing. We were lucky enough to attend a Bruno Mars concert that K bought tickets to last November. But to start off…

On Saturday evening, we had a few guests over and they gifted us a house plant.

His name is Crouton. We aren’t exactly gardeners, so hopefully Crouton will live a while. I guess this is a step-up — plants first, then pets, then kids right?

It was a lovely night of nice company and delicious food. I didn’t take pictures, but our eats included lots of fresh crisp vegetables, Korean chicken stew, and grilled Korean-marinated beef and pork. Followed by a slideshow of pictures from fiance’s family’s recent Japan/Korea trip. Mmmm!

Since we were both wide awake at 4:30AM on Sunday AM, we decided to catch the sunrise at a local park. The weather is finally getting better!! The park has a ton of rabbits, birds, fish, and ducks so it felt like a little zoo.

The mango flavor is delicious. Like a fizzy/tangy mango nectar juice.

We had lunch a local Poke place. A great variety of fresh, crisp ingredients. The watermelon radish was an aesthetically-pleasing touch of color. I had some ahi tuna and salmon poke buried somewhere there. The different textures and tastes really meshed well.

For Sunday dinner, we went to a local Asian supermarket that houses plenty of restaurants and food court stations. I had tried quang nam noodles at a different Vietnamese place before and LOVE the dish. However, this version was too lemony with tiny pieces of bony/fatty beef. The quail eggs were creamy and the noodles were cooked well, though.

K had an eel sous vide bowl with a little beef rice ball. Sous vide is a fancy French style of cooking that involves water, controlled heat, and time. It makes the protein very tender and flavorful. 

Then we took public transportation to the Bruno Mars concert!!

It was the best concert I’ve ever seen (I’ve seen Journey with Steve Miller Band, and U2 in the past). The opening act was a lovely singer named Jorja Smith. She has a deep, soulful voice with a London accent. My favorite song was “On My Mind.”

The special effects of the main show were amazing. Bruno really delivers – he’s goofy and energetic, dancing around everywhere and engaging with the crowd. The event was well-organized and the music wasn’t deafening (huge plus!). The energy of the crowd was amazing. In a couple sections away, a lady was really rallying up the crowd and kept twerking. Security came by but the crowd kept chanting “let her stay, let her stay!” Hilarious watching other people watching the little side show.

I tried posting a video but my phone kept fizzing up… so here’s a consolidation picture. 🙂

Great weekend with even better company! What was the highlight of your weekend? Favorite concert you’ve attended?

Cheers! Nicole


12 thoughts on “Bruno Mars concert!!”

    1. Our usual dates involve Netflix and window shopping (which is a lot of fun! 😁) so this was a fun change. I would definitely recommend Bruno Mars if you’re going to spend $ on concert tickets!


  1. I have killed so many plants lol…I don’t mean to! I just never manage to give them in just the right water or just the right amount of light!
    Also so jealous about bruno mars! I would love to see him in concert:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He’s on his world tour right now, might be stopping by your town one of these days! 🙂 I didn’t really appreciate his music until after the concert. Now I keep humming his tunes 😁 have a happy day!


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