Thankful #3-7: Playing Catch Up

Oops, so much for consistently posting my days of thanks… 😁

3. The ability to travel, both physically and financially. I love going to the airport and people watching – everyone’s excited because they’re about to depart for a new experience or to see a loved one. Same thing goes for tourist spots. Travel refreshes the soul!

4. An easy recovery after gallbladder surgery. No complications, just a little bruising. Thank heavens!

5. Not having to rely on public transportation. I’m blessed to have a car, to have family members with their own cars, to have friends with their own cars… I’ve used public transportation in the past, and to be honest I feel guarded and a little on edge while using it. It’s stressful making sure you’re at the right spot at the right time and to make sure you’re safe. The only groceries you can buy is whatever you can carry. 

6. These fresh summer rolls my mom makes. SO GOOD. One of my favorite things to eat. It’s filled with scrambled egg, green beans, crunchy carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, savory pork, crushed peanuts sprinkled with sugar, crisp lettuce, etc. Pretty labor intensive but so so good. 

7. Variety of teas and gum available. Operation “don’t binge/snack” has been a go! I eat when I’m stressed or bored. Brewing tea followed by chewing gum helps satisfy this oral fixation (and hopefully helps me shed some lbs). Before, I think the amount of snackage I ate was equivalent to the amount in my meals. This will be so good for my long term health and self esteem.

What are you thankful for today?

Cheers! Nicole


24 thoughts on “Thankful #3-7: Playing Catch Up”

  1. I love this! It’s so good to find things for which to be grateful. I’m definitely thankful for technology because it’s allowed me to keep in touch with my family while I’m living out in California. By the way, that summer roll looks SO amazing!

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  2. I love these type of posts. I think it’s fun how you like to people watch at airports. I have a fear of flying so this might be a nice idea for me to use the next time I travel. You look so happy in all the photos! I am thankful for a life that’s starting to feel balanced.

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    1. Gratitude is contagious… that’s another thing to be thankful for 🙂 I’m glad to hear that your life is starting to feel more balanced! I’m personally still trying to get there and trying to remember that it just takes time. Have a beautiful day!


  3. I am right there with you. I am SOOOOO BEYOND thankful that I have the ability to travel when I’d like! I am going to Africa in a month and a half and I cannot friggin’ BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!! ❤ Travel totally expands people's horizons and changes people for the better in my personal opinion!

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  4. Oh wow, I’ve never had a summer roll with those stuffings inside! Sounds amazing! I’m glad your gall bladder surgery went well. This was an awesome post! Such wonderful things to be thankful for. ❤️

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  5. You have such joie de vivre! Reading “About You” and this post has made my day, and started my morning on a high note!

    So glad you have had good recovery from surgery, something we can certainly be thankful for!

    Love your Blog Name … calls to mind many familiar images of food, sharing, keepsakes, memories…

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    1. 😊 you’re very sweet, I really appreciate it! You’ve made my day also 🙂 I really like that saying “joie de vivre” – I don’t speak French so I find it very refreshing. Thank you for your thoughts and have a happy day!

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  6. I always enjoy reading gratitude lists – it can be so easy to take things for granted and you’ve reminded me to re-start my gratitude journal.
    Lovely list you’ve got. That summer roll looks amazing!
    Today I’m grateful for my husband and his unconditional love, warm weather we are having, a great boss that makes my job enjoyable and tea.


  7. Those Summer rolls looks delicious!!!
    So glad your gall bladder recovery has gone smoothly. I’m so amazed how far they’ve come with that surgery. Did you know back in teh day, they’d literally cut like from the chest around to the back – CRAZYYY!!!!
    You should add this to my link up tomorrow – I always do a Thankful Thursday post link up every Thursday 😉

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    1. I was talking to my nursing manager and she said back in the day, they would admit healthy patients overnight the day before gallbladder surgery. Time’s are changing!! 🙂 that sounds great, I’ll have to remember that. thank you for your thoughts and have a happy day


  8. That summer roll looks amazing!! I snack way more than I should – trying to be more aware of what I’m eating, when I’m eating it, and WHY I’m eating it … regular meal time or bored. I’ll have to try the tea idea!

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    1. I am definitely an emotional eater and love to snack when I’m stressed or bored. What helped me in the past was logging my food (lost 25 lbs in like 3 months) but it felt too restrictive. I find eating slowly and in the company of others helps a lot. 🙂 thank you for your thoughts and have a happy day


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