Thankful #8

Today I am thankful for the practice of yoga. I started doing yoga during college via YouTube videos back when Hilaria Baldwin posted her videos for free. I didn’t practice consistently but I did enjoy the post-yoga stretch feeling. I am by no means an expert… no fancy inversions here! 

I love how yoga forces me to take deep breaths and control my breathing. I only like the videos that tell you when to inhale and exhale… otherwise, I forget to breathe šŸ˜ Yoga also lengthens my muscles and feels like an active (and free!) form of massage. Back when I did heavier weightlifting, I always looked forward to my yoga stretch days. 

I rarely do yoga nowadays but am hoping to practice more consistently. One of my barriers has been time. 60 minute sessions are nice, but even a 15 minute session yields some benefits. Today I did an hour of it and it feels great!

Do you like doing yoga? Do you practice at home with YouTube or at an actual studio?

Cheers! Nicole


17 thoughts on “Thankful #8”

  1. I am interested to try out yoga. I guess I can start out with watching Youtube videos? I’m actually moving from the city to the province so yoga studios maybe quite unheard of there. They only have small gyms. But I’m really looking forward to having a healthier lifestyle while I’m there. I needed this move out of the city to give me more space to breathe. šŸ™‚


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  2. I’ve fallen in love with yoga in the past couple years because it’s not only a fantastic way to restore sore muscles and get you feeling more balanced, but it can also be such an empowering and strengthening workout. I always feel like I got a massage after a solid yoga session, and I usually find videos on Youtube. If you have any recommendations actually, I’d love to hear them! šŸ™‚

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