Cheering Up a Hospitalized Patient

Hello everyone! This quick little post shows some thoughtful gifts for giving to a hospitalized patient. I work at a hospital and realize that the little touches really do make a hospital experience a wee bit more pleasant. 

🌺 Hand written note: Although I love receiving fun cards, I personally prefer to write a handwritten note on a piece of cardstock. I got this pack of 50 notes from TJ max for a few dollars – very versatile and can be used for birthdays, thank yous, etc.

🌺 Cozy socks: The hospital usually provides no-skid socks but they’re a little rough and scratchy. I recommend some cozy socks to wear in bed, but maybe switch over to the non-skid socks (or maybe some shoes) if your patient is walking around.

🌺 Lotion: The hospital also has little lotions but they have that standard unscented smell. The patient that I’m gathering these goodies for likes Japanese cherry blossoms. I thought some scented lotion would be a nice fresh change. 

🌺 Comfy robe: This is what I’m most excited to share! Patient gowns are pretty much one-size-fits-all and they tend to show  bum. Also, warm blankets are highly appreciated. A cozy, warm robe will help make the whole experience more comfortable. 

Other gift ideas include home cooked meals (we’re thinking wonton noodle soup), some fresh flowers (check hospital policy – cancer patients tend to have lower immune systems and aren’t allowed to have fresh fruits and flowers), and maybe an iPad to play with… if you happen to have any spares laying around. πŸ™‚

If you were a hospitalized patient, what would you like to have to make your experience more pleasant?

Cheers! Nicole 


12 thoughts on “Cheering Up a Hospitalized Patient”

  1. These are lovely ideas! When my Gran was in hospital for an op many years ago we took her hand wipes and waterless gel (as she had to stay in bed for the first few days). Fruit juice (in small boxes) was handy and of course hand lotion and creams are always appreciated. We visited every day and took an item or two at a time instead of giving it in one go.

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    1. Hand wipes and hand sanitizer are great ideas! You’d be surprise how many patients “forget” to use their hands after toileting. Hand motions are great because the Han sanitizer is drying. Thank you for your thoughts and have a happy day!


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