Northeastern Chinese Food and Asian Grocery Shopping

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall that specializes in Northeastern Chinese food, followed by grocery shopping at a couple different Asian supermarkets. Sometimes, errand days are more tiring than work-out days…

Check out these juicy, steamed pork dumplings! That crust though. I’m not sure why they present it like this, but one of the girls said it’s cornstarch. It looks like my eggs when I cook them without cooking spray…

These fried leek dumplings are soul satisfying. They’re pretty filling but aĀ  bit oily.

Chicken with mushrooms and vegetables. This dish was OK, nothing too memorable about it. The chicken pieces were cooked well and abundant. Served with a cup of steam white rice, this makes for great leftovers the next day.

House special noodles. I loved tender beef pieces in this dish. I am pro-noodle anything – as a kid, I would get a take-out box filled with plain lo mein and had a feast. I think there was one lone shrimp in this entire dish though.

This was the perfect fuel for an afternoon of grocery shopping. We checked out a Korean supermarket and noticed this was in their fountain. Anyone have a clue why they were doing this?

Our bounty of yum.

Beef kim bap, you are MINE. I’m obsessed with this stuff. I think I like it more than sushi. I read that in Korea, kim bap is the perfect picnic food. I bought two extra containers and found a recipe on how to rehydrate the stale rice. I’m excited to share it!

My mom likes snacks and bought these rice cake things. We were trying to decide between two different brands. The Korean store clerk said the other brand was quite sweet (can you believe it – 24g of sugar a serving!) so these were our winners.

Asian grocery stores tend to mark down their produce. We got almost 2 lb of plums for 75 cents. Just be careful to really inspect the fruits and vegetables – I’ve bought some before and the side against Styrofoam packaging would be mushy. Luckily, these were good.


My mom’s “healthy towel.” It’s basically a really painful loofah without the poof.

So excited for these sweet potatoes! I stock up at the Asian markets because it’s only 59 cents/lb.

My family’s go-to bulgolgi sauce. Did you know that pears is one of the essences of this?

We didn’t buy these but how cute! Frozen red bean buns that are supposed to look like cute piggies.

I LOVE kabocha, AKA japanese pumpkin squash. You can get them at Sprouts but they’re usually cheaper at Asian markets. These are easier to cut when you use a cleaver and mallet. I love to eat them roasted and then dip them with runny eggs with avocado on the side. It was one of my staple meals in college.

See that stick of red and yellow squares? Those are eggroll wrappers. My mom’s about to go on her lumpia (Filipino eggroll)-rolling marathon today. She makes a HUGE batch and then freezes them. It’s one of her most-loved dish.


Have you ever visited an Asian market? Find anything interesting? As a kid, I loved watching the live fish and getting Yan-Yans (biscuit sticks with frosting).

Cheers! Nicole


19 thoughts on “Northeastern Chinese Food and Asian Grocery Shopping”

  1. I used to always get the Yan Yans or Panda Cookies and the soymilk drink in a can. šŸ™‚ I love all your little fun facts that you included! I’ve never tried beef kim bap but it looks yummy! My mom also loves those rice cake snacks, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello panda!! Yum those were yummy. And koala’s march. šŸ˜ I’m afraid that once we open that rice cake snack bag that it’ll be gone in 2 days… as of now, it’s still sealed šŸ˜ thanks for your thoughts and have a great day!


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