Earn Money by Doing what you’re Already Doing – Swagbucks

Hi everyone! I’ve been a strong endorser of Swagbucks for about 9 years now — it’s helped me earned $100s of Amazon gift card codes. 🙂 You might be thinking… what is this “Swagbucks?” How much effort do I need to put in? Is it safe?

Essentially, it’s a free-to-join point-based system for earning goodies like Amazon gift cards and cash back from PayPal. Other places include eBay, Walmart, and gas. They even offer to donate your credit to charities!

500 points will earn you a $5 giftcard to Amazon. And 500 points are easy to earn with very little effort! There are so many features to Swagbucks. You can earn points by randomly using their search bar, taking surveys, watching videos, etc. You can also use it as a middle man when online shopping and earn a percentage back on your purchase. When you earn random points, this (denomination will vary) will pop up at the top of your screen:

Honestly, I earn my points by using the search bar (this works GREAT when you’re looking up things for school work or questioning everything in life — ie, why do worms wiggle up to the surface after it rains) and cash out for $5 amazon gift cards. I highly recommend changing your home page to Swagbucks so you don’t miss out on this awesome feature.

As of 11/13/17 8:11AM MST…..


Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? Are you interested in joining?

Cheers! Nicole

Disclaimer: Clicking the above links are referral links for my Swagbucks account. All thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting!


14 thoughts on “Earn Money by Doing what you’re Already Doing – Swagbucks”

  1. I’ve always heard about it but never thought it would be legitimate. Maybe I’ll give it another looksie. Thanks for the info and I’ll click your referral link if I do end up signing up. 🙂

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