Things I’ve Learned from my College Roommates + Weekend Noms

Hi everyone! Recapping some of my weekend noms… I just noticed I ate a lot of Asian food and veggies this weekend. Also, taking pictures of my food with the intention of sharing them on the blog made me realize how much I’ve been eating out lately. I’ve been good about saving half of my meal for a doggy bag, which inspired me to write a little post entitled “Things I’ve Learned from my College Roommates.”

My first college roommate and I met exactly 1.5 times before living together (we were matched by a mutual friend). Once, was accidentally at a Costco food court (recognized her from Facebook stalking). The second (kind of) time was at a college orientation but I was too shy to say hi. We ended up living together for three years and happy to say she’s going to be my maid of honor! Anyway, lessons I’ve learned from Roomie #1:

🌺 Smile. And laugh. A WHOLE LOT. Smile to the strangers on the street (but be wary which ones… or else they’ll follow you on their motorcycle and insist on getting your number. Oy vey)

🌺 Enjoy everything in moderation. Save half your meal when you go out to eat. Eat sloooowly.

🌺 It’s OK to spend a ton of time with your parents. And to have them come down x1-2/month to restock the fridge and pantry with food. 😁

🌺 Boys come and go. Enough said.

The next roommate and I lived together for one year. She kept more to herself but she was sweet. I learned from her to:

πŸ¦‹ Respect our differences and different styles of communication.

πŸ¦‹ Cleaning is very important. 

πŸ¦‹ Freeze banana peels and fish/meat carcass. That way, your garbage doesn’t stink.

I lived with an international student from China for a couple of years (same time as roomie #2 and #4). She taught me that:

πŸŽ€ It’s important to experience all the area has to offer. I’m pretty sure she saw more of our college town in her 2 years there than I did in my four…

πŸŽ€ You can learn to cook if you realllly want to in just a couple of months. With like, fresh vegetables and spices in bags.

πŸŽ€ English is a hard subject to learn. Her preservence was impressive.

My last roomie was a girl I actually knew from high school (played tennis together). Her outgoing and fiercely independent personality taught me to:

🍩 Not to care too much about what other people think. Be you, act like you, dress comfy. Shave part of your hair if you want to – it’ll grow back. 

🍩 Running and lunges are great exercises. Some of my most hated moves, but really effective.

🍩 Studying at any other place other than home prevents you from sleeping on top of your books.

🍩 Be generous with whatever you have. I really respected her on this.

Anywho, my mom felt like making Siao mai (chinese pork dumplings they serve at dim sum) so that we did. ProTip: line the bottom of your bamboo steamer with lettuce. That way, the cooked dumpling wrapper doesn’t stick to the wood and you don’t spend an hour scraping it off.

Not as delicious as dim sum places, but we forgot the sesame oil and didn’t stuff the dumplings with fat so they weren’t as juicy. Still fun to eat!

Tried Hungarian stuffed cabbage with a side of zucchini at a local deli. This was actually really good! It was basically a huge meatball mixed with a little rice tucked in cabbage leaves. The sauce was sweetened with raisins. Made for delicious leftovers to look forward to.

Got some rice noodles with pork at a Vietnamese place. This was really good and simple. The marinated pork was really tender and flavorful. The peanuts tasted freshly roasted. I took some of K’s pho veggies and added that to my noodle bowl.

Dinner was Korean BBQ leftovers from the other night with lots of fresh greens and a pan of saucy rice cakes that we cooked from scratch. It had minced garlic, Korean chili sauce, cabbage, fish cake, soy sauce, water to thin it out, and sugar (from free sugar packets because we still haven’t fully stocked our new home’s kitchen…). I basically dipped all the greens in that sauce. So flavorful and simple!

Did you have roommates in college? Any life lessons from them?

Cheers! Nicole


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