Thankful #8-14

I feel like November is the fastest month, followed by February… how has it already been 2 weeks since Halloween?!

8. Grateful for candles. They might be overrated, but I still love going to the bath and body works story and smelling alllll he candles (especially the fall and baking ones). This one’s got a little bit of life left…

9. Thankful for Internet and wifi. I remember as a kid hitting the computer to make the dial up go faster. Thank goodness for technology advancing! Otherwise, how else could I have played my Neopets and communicate with AOL AIM?

10. Grateful for sunrises and sunsets. Check out this picture my friend in Minnesota shared… incredible:

11. Thankful for our veterans! Loved how there is so much patriotism and American flags.

12. Grateful for kabocha squash. I ate this so often in college that I’ve been asked by several people why I look a little orange. Nope, my liver’s perfectly fine… I just really like squash and sweet potatoes.

13. Thankful my mum can cut hair. She gave me my first haircut in like 18 months.

14. Thankful to have a stable job… although waking up at 4am still needs getting used to. First day back after my surgery. 😪 man I really want more sleep.

How often do you get hair cuts? Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Heard of Neopets?

Cheers! Nicole


8 thoughts on “Thankful #8-14”

  1. Candles are so wonderful and wow, I was born and raised in Minnesota, I just moved last year. I’ve never seen such a beautiful, orange sky over there!! That’s amazing. I used to love Neopets, too lol. I need a haircut badly, I love yours, you look adorable!

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