Dranks on Dranks – Trying to be Healthy

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my go-to drinks and was curious what you guys drink….

Green Smoothie: I fill my nutri-bullet with >50% spinach, a frozen banana for sweetness/creaminess, random fruit, and some flax seeds. Then maybe a third of the container with some sort of unsweetened almond milk and the rest with water and ice. Usually, I’ll just do banana and PB2 peanut butter powder.

All together now!

Hot Cocoa: It’s not conventional hot cocoa, but here’s my version… Unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, a honey packet, and water. Sometimes I’ll add some pumpkin pie spice. However, I think I’m going to lay off the hot cocoa because my GERD symptoms are becoming more sensitive… and chocolatey things give me mouth sores. I think I have some sort of reaction/allergy but I’ve just ignored it all these years. Sad day.

I wish this was coffee…

I dabble between unsweetened almond milk and reduced fat lactose-free milk for my daily tea, smoothies, and hot cocoas. Since this is a coconut-almond blend, it’s a little higher in saturated fat but I’m OK with that. For some reason, I thought almond milk was a good source of protein but apparently not…. the lactose-free milk has more protein but also (somehow…?) 12g sugar. I’m trying to lose some weight and I’ve heard that cutting out dairy helps out a lot. We’ll see…. I do like the creaminess of the lactose-free milk!

What do you guys drink? Do you drink dairy milk?


16 thoughts on “Dranks on Dranks – Trying to be Healthy”

  1. I tried cutting out dairy milk – we used almond milk exclusively for several years. But somehow I got back to buying cow’s milk. I’ve been getting Fairlife milk lately – more protein, less sugar. I’ll have to try your hot cocoa recipe – sounds really good with the honey instead of sugar.

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