Pretty Cactus

Hi everyone! Today I took a long walk with my mum and saw this gorgeous cactus. I haven’t seen a cactus this purple before. Beeeautiful!

The cactus matched the skyline. πŸ™‚ Love these AZ cotton candy sunsets. Also, I’ve noticed that kids nowadays are a lot less likely to wave hi to strangers. Granted, I’m not one to be super friendly either (bad experience, I know I know) but it’s just something that I’ve observed. Out of the couple dozen of kids we saw, one initiated a “hi!” and one waved back.

Have you seen or tried out these attachable fans to your iPhones? What a quirky concept.

When blackberries are on sale for 77 cents a box, you buy lots. I like to eat them on top of Greek yogurt with cinnamon, frozen in my water, and straight up.

I’m really craving meat tonight. This is Rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club that’s been recooked for 20 minutes on high in a turbo convection oven. Better than fried chicken!!

I used to feel like this….. πŸ™‚ Enjoying my new job!!

Do you feel safe enough to take a stroll in your neighborhood (in my college town, it was quite ghetto)? Do you get cotton candy skylines? Ever feel like this little girl in yellow?

Cheers! Nicole


14 thoughts on “Pretty Cactus”

  1. That cactus is so pretty! Now if only I could find a mini one for my apartment then maybe I won’t kill it. I think kids don’t initiate hi’s anymore since we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of strangers which is for good reason! When I run, the adults I see barely say hi to me which is crazy since they’re older and I typically will give them a quick wave or something. Which I guess answers the question and yes I feel safe walking in my neighborhood which is a blessing.

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    1. Yeah when we first moved into the neighborhood, everyone waved hi! Now you’re lucky to get any eye contact. Definitely true about the stranger danger bit, but it makes me wonder what societal norms will be in the next 5-10 years!

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  2. I take my dogs for walks in my neighborhood all the time, but I tend to be on high alert because people seem to just let their dogs roam around here. There have been so many times when a random dog will run up to us, and I get nervous that he/she isn’t friendly. Not cool!

    The cloudy sunset skies have been amazing in the San Diego area lately too! Last week was one of the prettiest dusks that I’ve ever seen.

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