5 Random Thoughts

Hello everyone! 4AM wake up calls for work has made me one tired lady. My feet are killing me. Here’s 5 random thoughts I’m reminiscing about to de-compress after today:

I love to paint but I’m not one of those people who imagine majestic thoughts and translate them on to paper. I’m more like the people who see something cute and try to recreate it. Here’s a picture of a turtle I painted last year:

I’ve been doing a lot of self care lately to help reduce stress (for me, it manifests as amenorrhea, anxiety, neck tension, stomach pains, grinding teeth…) Exhibit A:

Does this mean I’m swallowing plastic in my sleep? This is like my 4th pair of retainers. I recently got fitted for a night guard by my dentist and it’s supposed to last years. I’m already grinding through the plastic and it’s getting thinner… but it’s only been a month. whomp whomp, there goes $300.

Check out this lamb from the after-Easter sales earlier this year…

Although a huge stuffed animal is the last thing I need, I’m kindof wishing I bought it.

What do you think about this decoration idea? I love it but not sure where I’d place something like this.

And since it’s always to end things on a sweet note, here’s a picture of the “cake” my mom baked me for my last birthday. It’s her famous banana bread layered with cream. It was a beautiful banana cake sandwich!!

What’s your favorite cake flavor? Do you grind your teeth at night? Highlight of the day?

Cheers! Nicole


24 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts”

  1. My boyfriend says I grind my teeth at night and I hear him do the same, it’s so loud! I always say we need to get mouth guards but I don’t wanna eat plastic like that lol.

    The banana cake looks yummy. ❀

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    1. Yeah they’re also pricey but I think they’re so good for your teeth in the long haul. One thing my dentist said is to keep the retainer plastic away from dogs – apparently there’s a chemical in the plastic that they can smell and love to chew?


  2. That banana cake looks amazing.
    The lamb is so cool! I know how it is – sometimes I go shopping – see something I don’t need, get home and wish I’d bought it πŸ™‚


  3. I’m like you – I am good at recreating, but not necessarily inspired to paint an original! I wish. I want to try.

    I grind my teeth for sure ! Pretty soon they’ll be nubs, but they’re in the back and out of sight, so all good πŸ™‚

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