PSA: Love your Loved Ones

A Facebook friend posted this on my news feed the other day. It’s in German with English subtitles but I highly recommend watching it. I was tearing up by the end… Sad elderly men are one of the top things that make me cry.

I believe this video is sponsored by a German supermarket. It’s a great PSA to visit (or at least call) your elderly loved ones. During my last couple years in my college town, I got into the habit of calling my grandparents living in the East coast a couple of times a week during my walking commute to work. Although I think it’s time they invest in some hearing aids, it’s a blessing that they’re pretty healthy/happy in their early and late 80s.

After you wipe away the blurriness from your tears… here’s an update on that pulp stuff from our juicer.

Although cinnamon-spiced pulp muffins sounded fannntastic, an egg bake was the healthier option. Mixed a cup of pulp with 1/2 a sliced onion, spices, and egg whites.

The onions looked like worms to me. It wasn’t my favorite recipe, but.. it’s edible? 😀

Lunches have been leftover won ton dumpling soup. Mmmm.

Followed by sliced persimmons…

And last night’s dinner was home made siao mai (pork dumplings) with a slab of coconut oil salmon steak. I like to eat food out of mugs and tiny plates…

I’ve been better not snacking at night time but I’m still gaining weight. I understand that our bodies fluctuate on a day-to-day basis but I’m someone who’s driven by obvious results (who isn’t?) so it’s been frustrating. I’ve been more laxed about eating wheat products but they’re probably contributing to my bloating.

Have you heard of NSV, aka “non-scale victory?” NSV are small, every day indications that you’re developing habits to a healthier lifestyle. Today’s NSV is that I’m drinking my tea plain without any almond/coconut milk. Earlier this year, I was drinking like 3 cups of coffee with reduced fat milk a day… then it became 2 cups… 1 cup… tea with reduced fat milk and honey… tea with just the milk… tea with non-dairy milk… and now, plain tea. Still a few other things I can clean up with my diet, but if you told me earlier this year that I would no longer be drinking my creamy iced coffees I wouldn’t believe ya.

What do you put in your coffee and/or tea? Favorite flavor of tea? Last time you called an older relative?

Cheers! Nicole


19 thoughts on “PSA: Love your Loved Ones”

  1. I always wondered how recipes with the leftover juicing pulp worked, my juicer came with a bunch of recipes for it, but I had never tried it. I love coffee and tea and usually drink both black/plain, I think my fave teas would be green and hibiscus.

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  2. It’s important to keep in touch with your loved ones, especially the elder ones. Glad to hear that you’ve taken the time out to visit your grandparents while being in school.

    Your food looks delicious! I’m a huge fan of wontons and dumplings XD. It takes time to get some results. Your body weight fluctuates because of water content as well. I love my coffee and tea sweet but not to the point where it’s unhealthy XD.

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  3. Thank you for sharing the reminder that we have older relatives we need to reach out to, especially this time of the year!

    I had to stop drinking coffee about 5 years ago because it gave me palpitations. Can’t drink too much caffeinated tea either, for the same reason. Herbal infusions often give me a headache. So I’ve resorted to turmeric and ginger tea (made from scratch) with a splash of milk.

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