Thanksgiving Weekend Catch-Up

Hello everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged… It’s been busy but not busy, if that makes sense. πŸ™‚

My dad returned from his trip to Asia and brought back this bracelet… luckily, my mom thinks it’s cute too. πŸ˜› Quite a fashion statement. I don’t think I’d personally wear it…

I might take on this fresh water pearl earring though. They were so big that they felt like gauges! PS – does anyone have any suggestions for toning down these freckles? I’ve had them since high school (tennis for four years) and my mom loves to remind me to get rid of them. I’ve tried Caudalie serum and it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

My mom’s a one-woman catering whiz. Our Thanksgiving spread was an unconventional feast of ham, lumpia (eggrolls), flautas, pancit (noodles), carrot cupcakes….

She was very proud of these cupcakes. Check out that piping!

According to my email, last Friday was free roast beef sandwich day at Arbys. My brother was one happy camper.

We don’t decorate much for the holidays but I did have a couple of boxes of free lights from my college apartment days. We strung them inside the house and called it good. πŸ™‚ I love how the neighborhoods are starting to decorate their homes for the holidays!

This flavor is yummy – gingery yet sweet from the raspberry taste.

Anyone else think these are cute? I only wear two types of shoes: sneakers or FitFlops. These FitFlops from TJ Maxx were cute and comfy!

Finally got one of these little doo-hickeys to stick on the back of my phone.

& spent Sunday studying and watched a movie called “Inside Man.” It was from 2006 and pretty good! Yesterday we watched “A Big Fat Greek Wedding”…. last time I watched that was when it first came out in 2002. Oldie but goody!

Favorite movie from early 2000s? Have you decorated your home with lights? Would wear sparkly flip flops?

Cheers! Nicole


15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Catch-Up”

  1. Wow ALL the food looks so amazing, go your mom!!! I love the sparkly flipflops, they def look like a pair of shoes I’d wear haha. And I’m not sure I like those doo-hickeys, seems everyone has one on their phones nowadays!

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