$20 Sandwich?

Hi everyone!

I hope that ya’ll had a wonderful weekend! We just got back from a little weekend getaway to Las Vegas and I’m getting ready to work again. I don’t think 4AM wake-ups will ever get easier.

Have you ever heard of the $20 sandwich trick? Apparently if you stick a folded up $20 bill between your credit card and ID during check-in and ask for “complimentary upgrades,” there’s a decent chance that your check-in person will upgrade your room for free. I didn’t get the best vibe from our check-in person so I didn’t try it… but we did get moved from the 4th floor to the 32nd floor at the Treasure Island just by asking. Strip view would’ve been nice, but we’re lucky to have even gotten a higher floor. 🙂

About to embark on a busy week. I can’t wait until I have a regular schedule again – I crave stability. Have a great day, everyone!

Have you ever tried the $20 trick? Best upgrade you’ve received from a hotel? Favorite place to stay in Las Vegas?

Cheers! Nicole


17 thoughts on “$20 Sandwich?”

  1. I love Vegas! Been there 4 different times and I’m not even a gambler! Just love the hot weather and surroundings! I haven’t tried that but I will have to keep that in mind!

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