Greetings from Tucson

Does anyone else remember that show? 🙂

Hi everyone! I’ve been MIA because I’ve been in Tucson, AZ working on my doctorate capstone project. I did three mini presentations on Wednesday, one last night, and have one more today before going back home. It’s nice returning to my college town… especially during finals week and not personally having finals yourself. 😁

I’ve been staying with a high school friend and we’ve been having a great time catching up. We can’t believe it’s been 9-10 years since we met in high school freshman honors bio. So much has changed yet so much still feels the same.

Her doggy is gorgeous –

Yesterday I took her to one of my absolute favorite places to eat in Tucson – Govinda’s!

It’s a buffet of Hare Krishna, which is influenced by Hinduism I believe. It’s vegetarian food (although yesterday was vegan day) that’s spiced very well – the flavors are amazing and it has an awesome salad bar with alfalfa sprouts, homemade dressings based on nuts, etc. It’s super affordable ($8.50 a person for the whole buffet, and students get a $1 discount) and the money goes toward the organization as well as feeding the homeless on Monday nights. They also have house made teas and kombuchas, samosas, lentil chips, havalah, etc. Plus there’s peacocks, parrots, and a koi pond on the property. And a store that sells so many Indian goodies (clothing, incense, etc). I love this place!!

We also checked out a student acapella concert that took place at one of the school buildings. It’s funny because this room reminds me of taking Nutrition 104 as an undergraduate student… like 5 years ago 😝

Also, I guess Tucson just randomly got cold the day I got here. All I packed were tshirts and shorts because that’s all I needed up in Phoenix. Brrr finally feeling like winter!

Ever heard of Hare Krishna? Do you like acapella music? When was the last time you visited your college town and why?

Cheers! Nicole


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