Hi everyone! Again, it’s been a hot minute. I’m getting used to my new routine and blogging’s been placed on the back burner.

My friend gave me a weight lifting workout routine that her boyfriend created for her (this guy runs 13 miles for fun, hikes like a mountain goat, spends 2/3 of his 90 minute (90 minute!!) lunch break at the gym, once worked with a personal trainer who also worked with Harvey Weinstein…). She started this routine in August and has really put on muscle just by doing this x3-4/week. I do miss weight lifting so I’m excited to stick to this!

I was also excited for this homemade hot pot. Simply shabu shabu beef, enoki mushrooms, bak choy, and cellophane noodles with teriyaki dipping sauce. So delicious.

Also, how would work describe this color. The tag at target said “shadow teal.” I want this as our wedding color!

Free holiday lunch at work yesterday. Something about hospital food still unsettles my stomach so I ended up just eating that cup of iceberg and cucumbers (plus an unsweetened raspberry iced tea) and waited to go home to eat my real lunch.

Favorite weight lifting move? What’s your favorite ingredients for hot pot (or Shabu Shabu, as it’s called in Japan)? Do you like hospital food?

Cheers! Nicole


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  1. I’ve never had hospital food but I’m pretty picky so I would’ve eaten a bunch of lettuce probably if I was in that situation! Except ice berg isn’t my favorite type since it’s basically just water.

    I love that color and think it would be pretty at a wedding.

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    1. As a hospital volunteer in high school, we got a $4 meal credit. I remember using mine to buy sweet potato fries and tapioca pudding 😝 i just need to figure out the name of that color. I think it’d look pretty against my skin tone if I’m surrounded by it, hehe


  2. Oh man your free work lunch looks delicious. I like how you’re not shy about putting stuff on your plate πŸ™‚ I’m the same way.

    I am ALL about the hot pot right now at home. Shabu is my favorite. But for us (me and sis in particular), it’s all about the ponzu sauce. There’s a specific one that we MUST get, otherwise, the shabu isn’t the same. What sauce do you use? Oh, and we have to add fresh minced garlic, scallions, and cilantro to the ponzu sauce.

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    1. The meal was free to both employees and visitors since they closed down the one and only cafeteria to serve it. One employee literally filled her tray with the cheese, nuts, cracker, and dried fruit mix. Like, literally her whole white tray 😳 ooh I have a bottle of ponzu just chilling in the fridge. K made a mix of Kikkoman teriyaki that already had sesame seeds, garlic, and something else. My family uses a Chinese BBQ sauce that’s yummy too!


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