No eggy smoothies please

Hi everyone! Boxed egg whites are so easy. I started buying them after seeing a fit/muscular mom of like three little kids buying a package at Costco. Does anyone else scope at the carts of other people whose bodies they admire and try to incorporate some of their food items into their own diet?

I’m not sure about you, but when I glanced at this in my fridge this morning I lost my appetite…

I guess it’s a great, bland weight to add protein to the sugary fruits for more staying power, but I think it’s so taboo. Also, isn’t it “blueberries” and not “Blueberry’s” (sorry, grammar Nazi… although I don’t care for capitalization!).

Also, when did “ICYMI” become an acronym. I was reading a Yahoo article titled “11 Starbucks Ordering Hacks That Will Change the Way You Drink Coffee” and saw ICYMI. I’m assuming it stands for “in case you missed it” but I ICYMI this whole acronym…

Last night, K’s family invited us to The Keg for food. Beautiful prime rib… although I didn’t have much of an appetite because I had a heavy snack after work (~3PM) because I was ravenous. I do love that they have fresh horseradish!

K’s relatives brought over this bunch of shortie bananas for his grandparents. I didn’t know bananas grew like this!

I saw this from and literally LOL’ed. It takes a lot for me to LOL to memes.

grandma cold computer


Does anyone put egg whites in their smoothies? Heard of “ICYMI” before? Can relate to the grandmother image (because I can….)?

Cheers! Nicole


14 thoughts on “No eggy smoothies please”

  1. I sometimes put powdered egg whites in smoothies if I want to add protein with no taste, but I don’t think I would use liquid egg whites. Also, my grammar is not the best, but I think you are right that it is blueberries.

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  2. I have actually put egg whites in smoothies/drinks before and I don’t hate it πŸ˜‰ Granted, I am not supposed to be eating eggs because they make me tired, but WHATEVER – haha! It’s not an everyday occurrence.

    AND BAH HA HA HA AH AH! THAT MEME made me LOL for a good 15 minutes when I found it the other day, it may just be the best meme on the internet πŸ˜‰

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  3. I guess I’m behind the times with acronyms. I’d never heard of ICYMI. That’s so cool that bananas grow like that! The prime rib looks dee-lish. And yay, another horseradish lover! That meme…I’m very technologically un-savvy, so I relate to it on many levels.

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