98 degrees concert!!

Hi everyone!

We recently went to the 98 degrees at Christmas concert that K bought tickets for my Christmas present. As a kid, I remember that they weren’t as popular as Backstreet Boys or *nsync but I can now definitely appreciate their Motown vibes. This month makes it 22 years since they got together and 20 years since their first album I believe! It’s crazy to think that they’re early-mid 40s and can be my dad. .

Their snapping and little motion dances were adorable. Nick is my favorite 😍 such a crooner. Also, did you know he and Vanessa have 3 kids? Thank you, google.

Before the concert, we had smashburger for dinner. Baja Cobb salad sans dressing for me, AZ burger and fries for K. I brought a quarter of an avocado to add some more healthy fats to my salad 😁.

Favorite 90s/early 2000s boy band? What’s in your local smashburger’s signature sandwich (in AZ, I think it’s a spicy bread roll, guac, pepper jack cheese, jalapeño, and chipotle mayo that makes it special)? Favorite burger place?

Cheers! Nicole


8 thoughts on “98 degrees concert!!”

  1. I just watched the episode of Drop The Mic with Nick Lachey in it! Hahah, I remember 98 degrees but I was never a big fan–my favorite was Nsync. I did like the show Newlyweds with Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson though lol. I love Smashburger but I haven’t been there in awhile, I can’t remember our local signature burger! My favorite burger place has to be Five Guys though.


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