Recent eats and what’s your big idea

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy picking up extra hours at work and trying to work on readings posted by my school. I hope everyone had a restful and happy Christmas… I know I did (took a nap on the long drive to relatives’ house, took a nap on the couch watching “Holiday Baking Championships” on food network, took a nap on the drive back home…). I also went hog on wheat and dairy (two things I actively try to avoid because they give me stomach ache). Yes, Christmas ended with a stomachache but it was worth it at the time. Also, I worked on Christmas eve…. it’s frustrating when all your patients want to be discharged to be home for the holiday but you know they’re not well enough yet.

Work has been feeding up like no tomorrow. Between all the food the surgeons buy and administration gives, it was a nice surprise to see what shows up every day. There’s been chik fil a, jimmy johns, pizzas up the wazoo, etc etc… here’s a picture of some pizza rolls and delicious pasta salad on top of lettuce salad.

Pho for our “chilly” AZ days… 60s-70s, hallelujah.

Made puppy chow for K’s family Christmas party. First time making it and it was super easy! There was a White Elephant exchange and we brought Game of Throne glasses… and brought home Cards Against Humanity. πŸ™‚

Oh Christmas tree!

This is ingenious. I need my multi-million-dollar idea.

Beautiful roses from my mum’s back yard.

Beautiful cake at K’s family’s house for Christmas dinner. Not sure if the santa clause was edible but this strawberry-frosting-filled cake was light and moist!

First time popping a Christmas cracker. I got a black plastic paper clip?

Ready for Christmas next year. πŸ™‚

We also did a local escape room and had a blast! We actually escaped this time with 9 minutes to spare. Thank goodness for hints……..

Favorite holiday eat? Got a great idea that could make you a millionaire?

Cheers! Nicole


7 thoughts on “Recent eats and what’s your big idea”

  1. Mmm yummy all the food looks amazing. I’m happy to hear you had a relaxing Christmas!πŸ’— Sad about the patients who wanted to go home but weren’t well enough, must be hard for you to tell them no. 😦

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  2. The sock thing is too funny! I love going to stores and finding gadgets like that. I had puppy chow for first time earlier this year and it was yummy (looked crappy but that’s the point right?). LOVE Cards Against Humanity!! Esp when everyone’s had a few drinks before/during game.

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